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Group training for companies

Online classes are without any equipment and tailored to fit a small space. They are programmed to provide variation and progression. I'll give them live or on demand recorded.

  • Cardio-class: Bodyweight exercises to raise the heartrate and challenge the lungs.

  • Stregth-class: Full body workout using
    the body as our only tool to get stronger.

  • Stretch-class: Flowing movements and still stretches to loosen up joints and muscles.

Having healthy and happy co-workers and employees will provide a working climate that allows every business to grow. Giving your employees a movement break or even a workout will get you employees filled with energy. Following WHO's guidelines for a healthy lifestyle of 150 minutes will also provide long-term benefits of better mental and physical health. That is 30 minutes a day that leaves a lot of benefits!

I provide classes and lectures that fits your company's needs, online or outdoors. My aim is to create workouts that welcome and challenge everyone. Taking some time out to start the workday or lunch training that increases the heartrate or finishing the day with a nice stretch and relax.


Outdoor-classes are customized to our surroundings and can be with our without equipment depending on need.

  • Run-class: Working with fun run-themed exercises and complementary exercises to challenge our cardio.

  • Circuit-class: Using bodyweight and different equipment to increase our strength and endurance circuit style.

  • Mobility-class: Flowing movements and still stretches to loosen up joints and muscles.

All classes include a thorough warmup and cool-down to prevent injuries and get the most out of the workout. I recommend 30 or 45 minutes for a workout and 20 or 30 minutes for online stretches.

Let me know what your company needs and we'll find a way to make it into a great workout!

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