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Inspirational talks
Heathly habbits that lasts! I believe knowledge is the main source of sustainability in our daily life. We need the why to keep making beneficial choices. I provide lectures to inspire and share the whys of sustainable good health. As a compliment to training or as an inspiration lucture, the choice is yours.

Benefits of daily movements:

Talking about the benefits of movement and training and how to make it a part of your daily life. Opening for discussion on how you can create a positive environment for movement at work and around family and friends.

Benefits of good eating:

Talking about how healthy eating can be good and delicious. With Livsmedelsverket and WHO as sources I’ll provide some pure facts about the recommendations and why your diet matters. I’ll touch into how all the fad diets comes back to the recommendations or not. Also providing advice on how to make it happen with a lot of passion for food and easy ways to think in the kitchen.

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