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Workouts and coaching for companies and individuals!

Exercise and movement for everyone!


Exercise and movement is my greatest passion. My goal is to make it accessible to everyone and show how it can be a part of everyday life. Accessible, available and adaptable.

  • Online Coaching that is available wherever you are.

  • Personal training that is adapted to your goals and needs.  

  • Group training outdoors or online.

  • Company training created to meet your company's needs and wishes, movement that improves the company and empoyees' health. 

Passion, creativity and knowledge. 
Passion for movement.
Creativity to meet different needs and finding solutions.
Knowledge to make evidence-based decisions. 

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Let's move! 


What I offer

A wide knowledge base and years of experience gives me the opportunity to offer a variety of services, regardless of if we are in the same city or not.



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