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My diet advice is based on you, your goals, conditions and preferences. In order for the body to feel good, we need to give it the right fuel and it is not easy to navigate all the information that is available and then apply it to one's life. But with that I can help, I tailor a diet schedule based on your conditions. We start with a consultation where you can answer questions about your life and eating habits, and together with a food diary from you, I design the diet schedule, give you meal suggestions and tips and tricks for how you can succeed. 

For me, food is energy for both body and soul. Experiences from different positions in the restaurant industry and meetings with all passionate chefs have shaped my food philosophy on how I want to eat with a clear conscience. Energy for both body and soul is precisely that, the food we put in our mouths comes from conscious choices that are good for both ourselves and the world we live in. 

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